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  • It ultimately doesn’t actually matter because in many cases these things are convention and there is no real system-based effect. So while it would be especially weird if your distro installed packages into those directories, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Someone already linked the filesystem hirearchy. See how tiny the /media and /mnt sections are?

    I put my fixed disks into subdirectories under /mnt and I mount my NAS shares (I keep it offline most of the time) in subdirectories in /media.

  • I use Fedora as my primary desktop distro. It’s a sturdy base with relatively up-to-date packages from the repos. It doesn’t really push technology I consider undesirable, like Snaps. Even though I have to rely on RPMFusion for a number of proprietary parts, due to Fedora’s free software stance, I don’t have any particular qualms about that. I also increasingly use Flatpaks anyway.

    When I used to use Reddit the /r/fedora community was helpful and welcoming.

    One downside is because the kernel changes frequently, and I (sadly) own a Nvidia GPU, akmods runs very often. Another downside is sometimes that frequently changing kernel can cause issues. I think in the past year or two I’ve had two distinct occasions where a kernel upgrade caused my mounted shares to not mount correctly. Reporting an issue to upstream also takes quite some involvement, as I discovered when I had to create some Red Hat account to report an issue about the packaging of some software in a beta release of Fedora.

    So all-in-all I would say Fedora is a strong distro. It is probably not the most beginner-friendly one, though, given how you have to dip your toes into RPMFusion and related challenges. It used to be worse, since DejaVu used to be the default font system-wide and you had to install a fonts package from COPR to make the system actually look pleasant. Since then they switched to Noto, which makes the font situation MUCH better.

    On servers and VMs I use Debian because I do not have the patience to maintain a faster moving Fedora multiple times over. This is exacerbated by the awful defaults of Gnome, which I have to bend into shape with extensions. When Fedora 40 releases later this year I fully intend to reinstall from scratch since KDE Plasma 6 will be available.

    edit: i misread the prompt and just talked about my favorite distro that i actively use. whoops.

    My least favorite distro could be Manjaro if I actually used it, but it is Ubuntu because of how close it is to being a great distro. Snaps really soured me to that deal. Snapd and Snaps make it difficult to use in VMs, too, because now you have to over-commit resources for something that could and should be smaller and simpler. Debian stays winning, as usual.

  • Some Wayland core folks don’t want applications to know if their window is visible or not because it’s mild information about a user’s attention that should be private.

    I do like that. I have encountered a number of bullshit things like HR mindless training videos (ok, the fourth time I’ve seen this guy contemplate accepting a bribe… I get it. Don’t accept bribes! Leave that shit to Clarence Thomas) or ad playbacks that refuse to proceed unless they are focused. It’s annoying as hell. The problem you point out also sounds really annoying.

  • I’m really looking forward to Plasma6. I know gnome has its fans but I am really just a reluctant user. Every day gnome works against me and I have to resort to workarounds.

    Do I want to navigate, inspect, and manipulate my files quickly? I use dolphin.

    Do I want to have a convenient panel to get a very quick glance of my currently running programs as well as a place to pin my most commonly used ones? That’s an extension.

    Do I want sub-windows to always block their parent window, preventing me from interacting with the parent further? No solution.

    Do I want desktop icons? Do I want excessive notifications from common tasks my computer is doing instead of from my own programs?

    I have more complaints but I think I am making myself clear. Overall I do like gnome and it has good performance, but there are so many annoying aspects. KDE is itself not perfect. There’s enough reasons for me to continue using gnome over kde5. But that’s why I hold out hope for plasma 6.

  • As an aside remark, it’s really funny how everyone has to elaborate what the fuck they’re talking about when they talk about Twitter.

    In a post on X (formerly Twitter) Ubuntu explains the situation

    could have just been written as

    In a tweet, Ubuntu explains the situation

    but the epic genius elon decided to destroy all brand recognition. Truly incredible thing to witness. Twitter literally got its own branded terms into common lexicon and he just set it all on fire.