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  • It was three distinct points. But it wouldn’t matter if I did reason it out for you - your stance is emotive, and you won’t agree with me unless that viewpoint underlying your stance changes, and it won’t change due to someone reasoning it out for you.

    The slow grind of time, and the steady erosion by nature may cause you to change, though. Fortunately, whether it does or not, it’s basically irrelevant to me whether or not you believe or act as I do.

    Edit, in response to your edit:

    You sure do assume a lot about me. But, so it goes. Again - I’m not really concerned with whether you think like I do or not. You can even hate me if you like. I don’t expect you to come to my viewpoint by anything I say. My viewpoint is different than yours, and that suits me fine. Such is diversity.

  • Nature will undoubtedly provide a grisly and cruel death. Animals don’t have a concept of “long, well-lived life full of meaning.” They do have a direct experience of “having food and shelter and being generally free of pain is enjoyable.”

    It doesn’t matter if it’s in their prime (before they decline and life becomes difficult) or of it’s after their prime - except that if you wait too long, life starts to suck pretty bad.

    If you want to end predation, you’ll have an eternal task on your hands.

  • Except in rare circumstances, mostly human ones, animals (including humans) don’t want to die, and die anyways.

    The best we can give them is a fervent (typo) decent life and a humane death. The meat industry is atrocious at this, and carbon dioxide is a terrible idea - particularly when nitrogen is readily available, humane, and cheap.

  • Nailed it.

    There’s a legal obligation to extract the most value for your shareholders. This doesn’t apply in sole proprietorships or partnerships with a more centralized ownership, where there’s the realistic potential to have a conversation with one of the others (or internally) and say things like “let’s do y, because doing x would be fucked, even if it made me more money.”

    In a publicly traded company, you can literally be sued by your shareholders for not putting profits first. This puts a background pressure that slants the odds in favor of enshitification. And whole industries are based on utilizing slightly uneven odds, so that has a real impact.

    As you said - without being publicly traded, people can still be evil, but they aren’t nearly as likely.

  • What you probably want is a dmz or red/green localnets. A reverse proxy (as others have mentioned) like haproxy or nginx) are extremely unlikely to, themselves, be hacked. But they don’t really add security, either.

    What does add security is to have a router with a firewall, with one or more red networks, and a green network.

    The red network has all of your public-facing servers. They have virtually no external access, and no internal access except to respond. It’s even good to have a rule on the router that you can turn on/off that blocks all outbound connections from the red network to the external world. To upgrade a server, turn off the rule, upgrade, and then turn the rule on again. The router only forwards inbound connections from the internet on a specific port, and routes them to the server/servers on the red network(s) on a (possibly different) specific port.

    Most ownage-style hacks involve (once compromised) either calling home (can’t if the server is not allowed outbound connections) or opening an additional port (who cares, the router will never forward anything to that port).

    Then, back up your important info, and keep multiple copies of that info - daily for a week, monthly for a few months, and yearly.