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  • Copying the top comment in HN discussion

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    The title of this article is very misleading, suggesting that EU governance is some kind unified body, and that these documents actually represent what “The EU” wants to do.

    EU governance is far more complicated, and these documents only represent the view of one part of the EU governance system, the EU Council.

    The EU council is basically made up of people sent by the state governments of all the members, and basically represents the views of those state governments. The council is the only legislative writing body in the EU, but it has no power to enact legislation. It can only write proposed legislation, and present it to the EU parliament for voting on.

    The EU parliament is made up of directly elected MEPs and represents the interests of EU citizens as a whole, and not as individual member states. To get legislation passed, the parliament and council need to work together to get legislation written that the council is happy to write, and the parliament is happy to enact. The council is small body of 27 people, representing the interests of state governments, and the parliament 705 MEPs and represents “the people”.

    There’s currently no evidence that these proposals by the Council will have any success in the parliament, if anything quite the opposite. The EU parliament has made I quite clear they don’t like this type of draconian legislation, and won’t vote to enact it.

    Obviously that doesn’t mean we should ignore these proposals. It’s important to make it clear we don’t like it, and lend weight behind the arguments being put forward by MEPs to block this legislation. But to say this represents the EU “doubling down” on penalising privacy-friendly services is ridiculous. It represents the EU council doubling down, but that only one small part of the EU governance bodies, and the other bodies are actively fighting back.

  • in many cases you could simply move the directory that is taking too much space to different directory then either make softlink or if that didnt work you can use mount --bind

    for example if directory /var/cach/mygame is too big, move my game to /mnt/part2/mygames

    then either do ln -s /mnt/part2/mygames /var/cach/ or mount --bind /mnt/part2/mygames /var/cach/mygames

    the miunt option is not permanent so if it works, u will need to add it to /etc/fstab to make it permenent

  • depends on what you mean by “broken”. If broken means has bad sector or other hardware issue, then yes OP should transfer data to healthy partition and work from there. though it certainly won’t hurt if he attempted to recover data from broken partition (worst the HD dies and OP restore the backup on healthy HD) However he said “i broke my partition” which make me think its software issue, not hardware. in which case, would be faster to recover data directly after taking backup