I know the title sounds a little strange but hear me out. The time tracking software I use for work doesn’t work on Wayland, unless I’m using Gnome as my DE. They have an extension that allows it to work in this case. Personally, I don’t enjoy Gnome on my desktop (I use it on my laptop). Is there a way for me to get the functionality that this extension provides on KDE so that I can use Wayland on my desktop as well?

Time tracking software:

Linux install script:

EDIT: I have included more files in the codeberg repo. I hope this helps.

  • boredsquirrel@slrpnk.net
    1 month ago

    I dont think they actually take screenshots, do they? That would be awfully inefficient. You can get the window titles in better ways.

    the URL stuff should use a browser extension to tell them that name.

    If that app really takes screenshots and extracts URLs from them, it is pretty overcomplex. But that improves platform-independence a lot