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  • Unions would probably work, as long as you get some people the company doesn’t want to replace in there too

    Maybe also federal regulations, although would probably just slow it because models are being made all around the world, including places like Russia and China that the US and EU don’t have legal influence over

    Also, it might be just me, but it feels like generative AI progress has really slowed, it almost feels like we’re approaching the point where we’ve squeezed the most out of the hardware we have and now we just have to wait for the hardware to get better

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    Every large social platform has groups of people who hate each other, even lemmy. They just all have ways to keep only showing people the posts from groups they support (through defederation and only looking at specific communities, or twitter/youtube/tiktok/facebook’s algorithms, etc)

  • Their linked sources talk about Siemens providing traffic infrastructure for Isreali-only roads through the West Bank and transit lines that pass through parts of the West Bank.

    Honestly it seems like their sources have put in a lot more effort than they have, they sometimes mention the most trivial things when obviously bad (and internationally illegal) things are simultaneously being done that these companies support they don’t even mention.

  • Disappointed to see both Alstom and Siemens on the list, I guess I’ll have to get my trains from Stadler from now on.

    On an unrelated note, it seems Intel is only on the list because they operate in large part there and are making a new fab (with some support from government grants), but it’s inside the area that Isreal has had internationally recognized as its territory since 1949. Honestly I’m surprised that was all they could find on them - Isreal is known for its computerized surveillance systems and I’m sure a lot of it is powered (or has been in the past) by Intel CPUs.