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  • That totally depends on your hair. If it were like mine back in my teenage years, not even a braid would have a chance to survive with how smooth it was. I just had to shake my head a bit and it’d all come undone. However, because the pink loop is crossed and comes to rest at the bottom of the blue loop, as long as it’s decently tight it shouldn’t really go anywhere quickly. Please check my edits on the previous one as I have had a few thoughts after posting that are likely the way it was intended.

  • I assume you clip the blue “end” to the top of your head temporarily at step 4?

    You don’t need to clip it. It just rests there. The blue loop gets placed through the pink loop and the rest of the hair attached to the blue loop rests on top in Step 7. The “rubber band” is also removed as it’s no longer needed. (Will explain this at the end)

    what goes through the pink loop at the end? Just the aforentioned “end”?

    The ‘blue’ loop of hair that’s tied up.

    how many hair ties are you left with in your hair at the end? 0? 1? 2?

    The instructions leave both in. I say it depends on your own hair density. You can leave the blue one in if you want/need more volume, as it’s another “bump” so it doesn’t rest flat. It’s possible to do it both with and without the one on the blue section of hair.

    Of course. This ‘guide’ completely avoids the topic of hair density, and not everyone is going to be able to use this style if the hair is naturally thin. It also helps if your hair doesn’t naturally rest straight. A bit of waviness is definitely the way to go.

    Sorry for editing so much. I’m realizing that there are a couple ways you could do this, and I’m attempting to be as clear as possible. My most recent realization is that the end of the blue loop probably is the last part to get folded over after everything else is done.

  • You know something is horribly wrong when someone who is permenantly disabled signs up for snap only to receive $200 a month with it, but it’s taking 200 away from their (already lower than minimum wage) disability payments. I don’t know how people are expected to live.

  • I have no problems with the message.

    I’m a carpenter by trade and a tinkerer on the side. I have an older flat-screen TV waiting for me to get some time as the back light has burned out. I will completely disassemble it, test the leds, find the busted one(s) and bridge the connections so it can be backlit, just a bit dimmer.

    I know how to because I’ve already done this once. I’ve had that particular LCD for over a decade at this point and I’m not going to just toss it when the issue is fairly simple to bypass.