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  • I’m running Nobara on my laptop and have been for some time, but I do find it crashes a bit. Not sure if it’s hardware or software (I’m using an original Framework laptop, and I know there have been hardware changes to resolve some things).

    I’m looking for stability first of all, so I might try Mint first off and change only if I find issues.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! That sounds really cool, I got my hopes up for a second, but it looks like 5Ghz wifi is required. It makes sense, for speed/latency reasons, but unfortunately the old laptop plugged into the TV is quite old. At least 10 years old, probably more.

    I am expecting to replace my current laptop in the next year or so, so maybe I’ll look at this setup at that point.

  • Thanks! From a suggestion from someone else, I’m thinking of separating out the machine that runs Kodi and the rest of the stack. I have an old laptop that’s currently running Kodi + server, and a desktop machine that is used for games.

    I’m thinking of installing Linux Mint on the desktop machine and using that for games and for the server, and then using LibreELEC on the laptop to run Kodi.

    That makes it a bit easier if I decide LibreELEC doesn’t work and I want something else.

  • Thanks, I’m thinking I might go with Linux Mint on the desktop PC for running the server, and playing the games. Then once that’s set up, test out libreELEC on the laptop for running Kodi. My only concern would be that the laptop is (old) wifi only, so if it’s streaming across the network instead of on the same machine it might be slow. But if it doesn’t work out I should be able to easily switch to running Kodi on the desktop and retire the laptop.

  • I like the idea of separating fontend/backend. I’m not looking to do a hardware change but currently I have a desktop PC and an old laptop both connected to the TV. I was thinking of having the desktop take over as server/HTPC/everything, but I could move the server/games to the desktop and keep Kodi on the old laptop. Refreshing the OS on the laptop will be a lot easier once the server is not tied to it.

    I have a PC remote that does TV stuff as well as acts as a keyboard/mouse/Kodi controller. It’s a pretty great setup, I just need to stabilise it a bit as it was hacked together in a hurry.