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  • I’m assuming they meant “talking to the parent, using less complicated, more mainstream words, even if the meaning is a little wrong as a result”.

    Which in my opinion is an ok approach, even though this specific parent, just by posting here, appears tech- and lgbt- savvy enough to probably know at least some terms.

    Also, they could have just said ‘not trans’ instead, if ‘cis’ would be too advanced.

    Actually scratch that, I get using “straight” as non-lgbt. It is how is very commonly used outside of lgbt circles.

    But not a bad thought on its own. just maybe a bit othering.

  • Yeah. It’s a big, painful, complicated, disgusting problem, where law enforcement is a jackhammer, and the crime is a malfunctioning pocketwatch.

    In my opinion, in order to make the situation equally unfair and dangerous for everybody, the law should be unfair and straight up just be biased in favour of the party in most statistical danger and least control (the penetrated party).

    But that’s the “best we can do, given an impossible situation” kind of solution, because the real solution is to deal with society’s problems that cause the situation. Preventative rather than reparative treatment. Giving people what they need to be well, rather than depriving and punishing them as much as possible to keep them obedient.

    And that goes against what our society is built around 🙃