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  • The candidates the two parties offer are because people don’t agree with you. Fuck’s sake. In the GOP the only non-fascist candidate in 2016 got, what, 10% of the primary vote? While Bernie garnered very distinctly not a majority of votes in the primaries in 2016 and 2020.

    Most people in this country are further right than you or me. As long as that’s true, FPTP or not, you WILL be making strategic decisions you don’t like. That’s the price of being a citizen.

  • again, whats your problem?

    So let me get this straight.

    You acknowledge the opposition is fascism.

    You don’t want fascism to win.

    You are voting for Biden.

    You support a Biden (or Dem ticket) victory of the realistic possible outcomes for this election.

    You post a meme saying that people who equate support of Biden with opposition to fascism are NPCs.

    Do you really not see the disconnect here?

  • As far as quotes from religious texts, I’ve always preferred…

    “And as for you, River, there will be a day when you will flow with blood more than water. And dead bodies will be (stacked) higher than the dams. And he who is dead will not be mourned as much as he who is alive… Asclepius, why are you weeping?”