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  • Why do you think The WokesTM don’t like hot women? Why do you think we’re all prudish? At most, we all want different types of beautiful women.

    You also conflate us with corporate shittyness, even though we’re doing more to push back against it than anyone. We form unions to challenge these suits that are only good at squeezing money.

    You think getting mad at woke games will challenge the forced references or overpriced celebrities? If anything, you’re only ensuring the industry gets more soulless and creatively bankrupt. Game devs become “woke” after exploitation awakens them.

  • The law actually does a better job than you’d think. While it says little about stealing work to train neural networks, it does say that the final result requires significant human input to be eligible for copyright. It’s the same precedent that prevents the copyright of a selfie taken by a monkey. Non human intelligences can’t own stuff, and AI art isn’t made by a human intelligence, so it’s all public domain right now. It cannot be stolen unless someone has put in significantly more work on top of it.

  • Pro tip: only base armor rating matters with that perk, meaning you can’t boost it through tempering. Daedric gauntlets have the highest at 18. Additionally, Khajiit actually do 10 damage on top of the 12 damage from their claws as a result of being a “beast” race. Therefore, they do 22 damage at the start and at most 40 with the perk. Without exploits or mods, you can boost damage by 86 points through enchantments for 126 damage total.