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    Rock and Roll was never conservative. The entire 60s movement was about liberation of people and equality, yet boomers seem to forget this.

    That isn’t to say there aren’t some complete shit-stain musicians that came out of the 60s, but honestly…

  • I’ve seen minimal drama in my year here since migrating. In fact, people are surprisingly civil, and their responses to controversial topics are usually well thought out, rather than some cobbled together take based on several rote conspiracy theories, or edgelord takes. It’s more of a discussion, than some frothing-at-the-mouth neckbeard insisting they are right, not offering credible support for their arguments, and being generally misanthropic.

    It’s nice here. Let’s keep it that way. Remeber, people are allowed to disagree. People are allowed to disagree and the collective discussion doesn’t need to come to an agreement/be solved. A lot of the issues we talk about are way, way, beyond our pay-grades, and even if you eviscerate your opponent, you’re not going to solve the problem, largely due to its complexity and size.

    Moreover, if someone says something on here that makes you question some pre-concieved idea you have, THAT IS A GOOD THING. Don’t just label them a prick and bury your head in the sand. Instead, evaluate your beliefs/understanding. Look at it as a potential learning opportunity. Doubt is meant to be a gut check, not a personal attack. In some cases, people are gut checking themselves by asking these questions.

    Finally, you’re more likely to change a person’s mind if you aren’t a raging asshole about a topic you disagree with them on.

    Chill out. Crack a beer. Laugh at the memes. (Is this the internet version of 'live laugh love?)