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  • No, your laptop also connects to the hotspot. If you have available wifi at your location, you can then setup the pi to use that wifi and disconnect the phone hotspot, and just use the local wifi on all devices.

    Ive just found this to be the simplest setup. I briefly had serial over bluetooth set up, and it was an easier way to change the pi’s wifi, but it broke pretty quickly for me not sure why.

    Probably the most elegant solution is ethernet over usb, but thats a bit of a pain to set up.

    For me a hotspot has been the least headache

  • Edit: just looked at your link. I think for the time being im going to use tailscale. Its a restaraunt, and they dont have a self-hosted server. Im trying to get around opening ports, so using an existing service. Your link did make me aware of cloudflare tunnels whick looks like it allows 50 users on a free plan vs tailscale’s 3. Although the 3 might work for them, I’ll have to check. Ill probably drop in an ngrok tunnel too so i can maintenence the pi remotely. (They are in a different state) i was mostly looking for advice on how to connect a port on one machine to another over a lan, and socat looks perfect

    Actually, i found socat which seems to work just fine so far, and appears to be a standard linux command.

    socat TCP4-LISTEN:8096 TCP4:

    Thats a test i did with jellyfin at home

  • I believe it’s just the built-in wayland keyboard. It works just fine, but looks a little ugly for my tastes. If an app doesnt automatically bring up the keyboard, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and itll come up

    Other than that, its a pretty standard touchscreen keyboard. Youre not gonna be doing any “homerow typing” but its easy enough to use, especially in portrait mode. Landscape is a bit long for my thumbs.

  • Ive been using them for a few years. Some stuff to note: you have to pay in at least 3 month blocks. You cannot pay for a month at a time. The prices on the website are just for your first term. After that it is a little more expensive, but not too much. Coverage wise it’s t-mobile’s network, so its good in major cities, but spotty in rural areas.

    Ive been mostly pleased with them. When the wife and I go on trips, sometimes my phone gets no service, but she’s on AT&T, so her phone usually works fine, and she’ll turn on hotspot so i can get my messages.