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  • Hehe, any kind of ricing can be taken too far.

    Funnily enough I recently switched from WM’s to DE (and KDE plasma at that) so that I don’t spend entire days adjusting making pointless window border customization and autostart scripts that are already taken care of by a Desktop environment.

    That said, I cant live without my keybinds so I’ve replicated the same on my Plasma setup.

  • As someone from India, I agree with you.

    I guess people just want to use what everyone else uses. Using something different than windows is instantly assumed to be very difficult.

    I even showed my friends how they can play games on linux instead of having their laptops get stuck while using windows 11 , but they still won’t even consider trying it.

    Btw if you don’t mind - do you play apex legends ? (Judging by your username)

  • Some of my favourites are Void Linux, Artix and Opensuse Tumbleweed

    Void was my first non-systemd distro, and it was super snappy as well. Some packages may not available but overall I had a really great experience with it. It also offers a version with the musl C library. Pretty cool if you ask me.

    Opensuse tumbleweed is an overall a great distro, it’s one of my favourites. Also I noticed that many people have recommended it and that’s for a good reason. It’s installer isn’t that user friendly but I would prefer it over Fedora’s installer any day. ( I haven’t tried the last 3 iterations of Fedora, so it might have changed now )

    Artix is well… arch with different init systems. Nothing too crazy. Its what I have been daily driving for the past year or so.

  • I usually have 10 workspaces on all my setups. 2 of them will be unoccupied, so whenever I leave my desk I switch to that empty workspace (when nobody is around). When I come back my comfortable desktop welcomes me with a wallpaper that is easy on the eyes. Thats pretty much the only time I actually look at the desktop , apart from a brief moment after login of course.