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  • My journey was very uneven:

    Windows (for many years) -> Ubuntu (for 2 months, dual-boot) -> Windows (for about 6 years, because of some very specific software + pre-Proton gaming) -> Linux Mint (for about a month) -> popOS (for almost a year) -> endeavourOS (now, but always on the look-out for new stuff)

    But in between the “main” journey, there was always some stuff trying out, like Void (on an old PC), Arch (inside a VM, now use that VM as a lightweight environment for testing some stuff out)

  • Well, first: It was meant as a simple humorous comment, not hornyposting for oil barons/industrialists. If I haven’t made myself clear, my bad.

    And: Even then, OOPs reaction was overreacting and giving the Internet, and Tumblr of all places, a wide attack vector.

    (Btw - even when in 2070 the oil executives were to see their consequences, they would put the blame towards the common people, like they do today with things like “the CO2 footprint” as in “blaming the people instead of themselves, the aviation and maritime freight industries”)

  • Well, my experience was always on and off: In the past, I always had my phases of trying it out, be it dual-booting, or outright replacing my OS, but always went back to Windows after a couple of months at most due to some software being Windows-only and both VMs and WINE not being sufficient.

    But this year, with Windows continuing to get worse (built-in ads, the fact that it eats 60+ GB on a base install, etc.) and me needing Linux for uni anyway: I made the jump and thanks to the work being done with stuff like Proton for games and FOSS software now being good enough for general productivity, I’m happier than ever.

    Obsessed? I like customizability and being able to tinker around, but in the end, it’s a tool like any other.