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  • I’m a schizophrenic that switches between Apple and FOSS regularly. It’s gotten to the point where I have an iPhone and a 14" M1 Pro MBP, and also a FairPhone and a Thinkpad T480 upgraded to the gills.

    Yes, the Apple ecosystem is like a warm blanket. If you use it the way Apple intended it’s smooth as butter, a completely seamless experience that generally does what it says on the tin with a great user experience. The screens, speakers, build quality and integrated software experience are the best on the planet if you ask me.

    However, you live in Apple’s fortress and they can turn that into a prison any time they want. Also if you’re not particularly happy with some way MacOS, but especially i(Pad)OS, does a thing, you’re either shit out of luck or you have to install a paid app that breaks standard workflow. I guess a good way to put this is that Apple has been making appliances of late, rather than computers. Less so for MacOS which is still pretty open to configuration.

    The reason I keep switching to FOSS is idealism; I want my hard- and software to belong to me and only me. That also means I am responsible if things break or they don’t work as well as they should. It’s up to me to fix or improve. That sometimes annoys the hell out of me at which point I will switch back to Apple until such time I read a post or view a video that rants about proprietary bullshit and how surveillance/late stage/attention capitalism is ruining the world and round and round we go.

    For this latest stint I bought the Thinkpad and upgraded the hell out of it (I figure if Linux is going to run well on anything it’s a Thinkpad). Hope it sticks this time.

  • There’s a few types of bullshit when it comes to employment. It’s either necessary, in which case I will deal with it, or it’s not, in which case I will find a way to either not (have to) do it, or spend as little effort as humanly possible on it.

    Making up bullshit cover letter requirements is squarely in the latter camp so noooo thank you. If an employer is going to START with requiring bullshit I’ll be glad to dodge that bullet.

  • There’s a few ways to go, I have used dd in the past to clone the existing drive out to a disk image on a USB SSD, then installed the new SSD in the system and did the process in reverse (and then used gparted to expand the partitions out to size).

    There’s also cloning devices that can do this but I’ve only ever done that with traditional 3.5" and 2.5" disks, not m.2.

    Whatever you do, make sure you have a backup of your important data before you make any attempt.