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  • Things have been going well for me, using docker-mailserver.

    I followed the setup guide, did everything in the DKIM, DMARC and SPF documentation page. The initial setup required more involvement from me than your standard docker-compose self-hosting deployment, but I got no issues at all (for now, fingers crossed) after the initial setup : I never missed any inbound e-mails, and my outbound e-mails have not been rejected by any spam filter yet.

    However, I agree with everyone else that you should not self-host an important contact address without proper redundancy/recovery mechanism in case anything goes wrong.

    You should also understand that self-hosting an email address means you should never let your domain expire to prevent someone from receiving emails sent to you by registering your expired domain. This means you should probably not use a self-hosted e-mail to register any account on services that may outlive your self-hosted setup because e-mail is frequently used to send password reset links.

  • Each time you send a packet over the internet, several routers handle this packet without touching the source and destination IP addresses.

    There is nothing stopping him from configuring the VPS in a way that forwards packets from the home server, rewriting the destination IP (and optionally destination port as well) but leaving the source IP intact.

    For outgoing packets, the VPS should rewrite the source (homeserver) IP and port and leave the destination intact.

    With iptables, this is done with MASQUERADE rules.

    This is pretty much how any NAT, including ones behind home routers, work.

    You then configure the homeserver to use the VPS as a gateway over wireguard, which should achieve the desired result.

  • Somebody shared a blog post of mine on hackernews a few months ago, which got to the front-page. I participated in the comment section and as far as I can remember I had a lot of really interesting technical feedback. I did not notice any of the issue you’re mentioning, but there was nothing to censor or anything political about my post, and apart from this post, I do not frequently browse hackernews