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  • I use Gimp and Inkscape… that being said

    Holy F Affinity Designer is soooo much better than Adobe Illustrator. Productivity wise, Affinity is more effective, and I know this because I used to work in marketing and promotions, and between Adobe Illustrator and sticking my fingers in a meat grinder, you can just call me old stubby… because Adobe Illustrator is painful.

    I also got Publisher, because why not :) I wanted to make pamphlets and promotional prints, which it is also very good at doing, and between using Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign and sticking my fingers in a grinder…

    Well, you know the rest.

  • Damn, these rpm-ostree distroes are taking off. I mean tbf, having a “cloud native” approach (a two buzzword combo) with system images is kind of great for testing, and it shows people can now actually carve out some systems in a relatively effective manner. Good show!

    That is supposing it is rpm-ostree, because ostree can actually rebase to an entire different distribution. There’s people getting arch working as an ostree install, and eventually, we’ll have gone over to a new dawn, where you don’t need to reinstall, just rebase.

    Goddamn open source is awesome.