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  • Why does the title focus on 3D pipes specifically?

    The developer kicked off a screen saver contest among the Windows OpenGL team, with 3D Pipes being one of the entries alongside 3D Maze, 3D Text, and 3D Flying Objects. The team was supposed to vote for a single winner to be included with Windows NT 3.5, but when a person on Microsoft’s marketing team saw them, he said, “You can call off the vote. We’re adding all of them to the product!”

    I feel like I hear about 3D Maze way more when people are reminiscing about old screensavers. Just sorta weird titling

  • we are quickly careening towards a world where textbooks cost $500 a pop and the majority of students obtain their books illegally. Piracy is a pain in the ass, but if students need their textbooks and the publishers make it impossible to obtain textbooks without taking out a loan, then publishers are effectively paying students to spend the time figuring out piracy. If a student makes $15 an hour at their job, then they could spend 30 hours researching and downloading their textbook and it would still be a better use of their time than actually buying a $500 textbook.