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  • There’s been two movements in the US impacting this.

    One, to focus more on the Pro-Palestine protests. If Gaza isn’t free no one is free. Submovement: Disabled people still aren’t welcome at pride. COVID is still a huge threat and most STILL aren’t masking. I call it a Submovement because it was something that wasn’t taken very seriously until the encampments and Pro-Palestine protests. Organizers are making it well known that masks are super important.

    Second, some organizers recognize that pride as it currently stands is incredibly liberal. It requires substantial corporate backing and some are required by local legislation to have cop presence. The corps that do back pride only do so for good publicity and then turn around and fund anti queer legislation.

    Also anti-queer legislation has grown exponentially…I can understand people being scared and not wanting to be open in public.

    I’m not saying boo hoo suck it up these are more important. Pride is still necessary. It sucks that it’s been quiet. It sucks that people have to hide in fear from sociopaths who are out to kill queer folx. I’m just telling y’all what’s going on